Grants and Funding

Can I get any financial help?

There are many grants available but to access funding you need to know what your costs will be, such as building work, conservation or organising a community event. Try to identify the appropriate grants available and look for grant-making organisations that support the work that you wish to fund.

What do you want to achieve?

Putting time into researching your fundraising options will allow you to plan efficiently and effectively.

Plan your project; a project is a commitment to produce a specific result by a specific date, with the necessary actions broken down into clear manageable steps.

How will you achieve it?

Produce a plan: a project plan is an identified sequence summarising the actions of a project.

How much will it cost?

Be sure to properly account for all of your project costs, and try and make your cost estimates as accurate as you can, seek advice and fully research costs.

Where can you get funding from?

Grant-giving trusts and foundations are varied and many support heritage projects. But you need to remember that each grant-giving organisation will have a clear criteria of what they will fund. Please remember to read any guidance carefully before applying, study the organisation’s website and all their guidance.

REMEMBER: follow the application guidelines exactly, keep your application clear and concise

DON’T: hesitate to ask for more information, always get in touch with the organisation before you apply, unless they specify otherwise.

Further help on fundraising can be found at the Institute of Fundraising.


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