Making changes and maintenance

Making Changes Whether you are a member of your local congregation or have recently taken over a chapel building, your chapel building and the story of your chapel is important, it is an important part of your heritage and it is an important part of the story of your community.

Did you know….that more than 6,426 chapels were built in Wales by 1911, and about 1,800 chapels are still in use as places of worship.  It is estimated that more than one chapel building a week is closing! Chapel buildings are being adapted for other uses or demolished, with many of our communities never experiencing the hymn-singing, the spirituality and sense of place that these special buildings have provided for generations.Care needs to be taken when considering works to a historic chapel, whether listed or not. Many chapels are capable of sensitive repair, adaption and reuse without loss of important historic fabric.

MAINTENANCE can be defined as: Regular and systematic actions that are necessary to slow the deterioration of a historic place. It entails periodic inspection, to be carried out regularly, with non-destructive cleaning and minor repairs.

Why Maintenance matters

Whether your chapel is listed or not regular building maintenance can help preserve your historic place of worship. Regular maintenance can save you money in the longer term by keeping on top of repairs that will prevent problems becoming more serious and more costly! Having a simple maintenance plan can help you identify and budget for future more expensive works.

A maintenance plan would involve simple but regular checks on your building, and carrying out timely repairs.

Regular building maintenance can help you:

  • Retain your building’s maximum value, particularly when original architectural features are still present.
  • Save money through repair, rather than replacement, of features, such as windows.
  • Prevent more serious problems, such as dry rot, and avoid the cost and disruption of major repairs.
  • Maintain the appearance of your building and contribute to a sense of pride in your community.
  • Promote sustainability by protecting your building for future generations to use and enjoy.
  • Plan and budget for more expensive maintenance works, such as external redecoration.

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