The Trust was successful with a small grant from the ARWAIN programme to look at how we could sensitively develop and interpret (bilingually) this building. We appointed the Griffiths Heritage Consultancy Ltd to carry out the feasibility work.  The options developed were based on minimal works to the listed building, fit with possible funding options and strategic objectives (including ARWAIN), finding a sustainable new use for the vestry and stable, and the requirements and purpose of Addoldai Cymru. The options chosen for the lower floor being used as a gallery and including interpretation and public use and the first-floor vestry space and chapel itself is used as basic ‘champing’ facility.

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This grant also enabled Addoldai Cymru to work in partnership with the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales to develop innovative digital interpretation. The chapel was laser scanned and a “laser flythrough” was created by CUB3D. The Trust was able to extensively engage with the local community in the process of researching the history of the chapel and specifically the role this chapel played in the Methodist Revival and the years that followed and its links with Babell Chapel, Mynydd Epynt. We appointed Treehouse Media to produce a short film detailing this.

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In addition to receiving information and helpful input from local historian, a number of libraries and centres were visited in the search for primary sources which could reveal further details about the people of the area and the chapel itself. Among them were Powys Archives in Llandrindod, The National Library in Aberystwyth, Carmarthen Archives, y Gaer in Brecon, Swansea University Library and the Llanwrtyd and District Heritage and Arts Centre. We are very grateful to all who assisted for their patience and support.