Making a donation is one of the best ways of helping us to protect our chapels. Regular donations enable us to plan ahead and ensure our modest resources are put to the best use. If you are a UK tax-payer, your gift may qualify for Gift Aid enabling us to claim back the tax on your donation at no further cost to you.

To make a donation to support the work of the Trust or support an individual chapel

Send a cheque, a standing order, or directly to our bank account HSBC 40-16-02 31518097 (please provide a reference so that we identify your donation)


Click on the  PayPal link below and chose which chapel to support:

Give as You Live

Another painless way of donating is through the “Give as You Live” means of giving (i.e. at no cost to you) is to sign up to Give as You Live. If you shop online via the “Give As You Live” website (or via the browser plug-in) you will have access to over 3,000 retailers who participate in the scheme, many of which will be already familiar to you …the range is huge. Under the scheme whenever you make an on-line purchase the retailer makes a donation -perhaps up to 6% -to your nominated charity, a sum which otherwise would be paid as a fee to a website or marketing company. This happens automatically at no cost to you, and Gift Aid can be added automatically too. Brilliant!

A donation, small or large, can be applied according to your wishes either to our work at a specific building, or to the general work of the Trust.

Add Gift Aid to your Donation!

If you pay UK income tax we can claim back an additional 25% of the value of your gift from HMRC, at no cost to you.

Charity- Giving website

We can be found on Everyclick


Consider Wales’ religious built heritage when making your will

Only a very small percentage of those who support charities leave a gift in their will. If you are shortly writing or revising your will, after you have looked after your family and friends would you please consider leaving us a legacy to help us care for our collection of Wales’ historic religious buildings? You can discuss this with your solicitor or confidentially with our Trust Manager.